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Toyota MR2 Brake Ducts

Toyota MR2 Brake Ducts

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Replace your fog lights with functional brake ducts that look as good as they work! Designed for direct fitment into the OEM gen2 (SW20) MR2 bumper (with fog light cutouts). The angled duct improves fitment and allows the hose (not included) to be routed further away from the chassis to optimize clearance.

  • 3" duct version now available with the same OEM fitment as the 2.5" version. No modifications needed.
  • Mounting holes are now slotted for better adjustability.
  • Unique and rugged design looks like a factory duct rather than an add-on
  • Made from durable, UV resistant ASA material
  • Plug and play direct fit with OEM bumper (bumpers that don't already have fog light cut outs will need to be modified and the black plastic guard behind the fog lights will need to be modified or removed).
  • Designed to work with 2.5" air duct hose and 2.5" hose clamps for 2.5" version and 3" hose/hose clamps for 3" version. Hoses and clamps not included.
  • Can reduce brake fade and extend pad life with a properly ducted system (untested)
  • Can be sanded and painted for a smoother finish or to color-match
  • Optional dust caps made from flexible TPU to prevent rocks and debris from entering ducting while not being used on the track.

Pricing is per pair. Compare to the competition at $179.99/pair.

All products are made to order with a typical lead time of 1-4 weeks depending on demand.

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