Industrial Design & Product Development

Let us help you turn your next big idea into reality, whether it's all the way from concept to production or any step along the way.

Engineering & Project Management Expertise

With over 10 years of experience in engineering, product design, manufacturing, and project management, Fulcrum Design brings a comprehensive approach to tackle your toughest challenges, from initial concepts to production-ready designs.

Services Offered

  • Project Management
  • World-class Computer Aided Design (CAD) modeling
  • Design for injection molding, blow molding, machining, sheet metal, 3D printing, etc.
  • Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA)
  • Prototyping
  • Photo-realistic product renderings
  • Professional product photography
  • Specification and requirements generation
  • Small and large projects


The scope and process depends heavily on your project needs but we always start by understanding your goals, requirements, and customer use cases. We use competitive analysis and industry benchmarking to help us generate concepts that will ensure your product stands out.

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