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Stubby Nozzle Adapter for EGO Leaf Blowers

Stubby Nozzle Adapter for EGO Leaf Blowers

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Finally an adapter that utilizes the stock EGO stubby nozzles for ease of use and a greater variety of attachments! Accelerate your car drying with this nozzle adapter featuring all stainless-steel hardware and a real latch for easy, one-handed attachment and removal.

  • Designed to work with stock EGO nozzle tips for a wider variety of attachments.
  • Real latching mechanism for easy attachment and removal.
  • All stainless-steel hardware.
  • Made from durable and UV-resistant ASA (compared to competitors who use PETG which is less durable and not UV-resistant).
  • 5.5" long (11.5" long with round EGO nozzle tip) compared to the 19" long blower tube.
  • Two versions: one is compatible with EGO leaf blower series LB58XX (580 CFM), LB61XX (615 CFM), and LB65XX (650 CFM), and the other version is compatible with LB76XX (765 CFM). Make sure you select the right one.
  • Also compatible with the Fulcrum Design Handle for EGO Leaf Blowers
*Leaf blower, battery, and EGO nozzle tips not included.

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